About Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy works with your unconscious mind to help you solve problems and make changes in your life.

Using trance, a natural state of deep relaxation, hypnotherapy works with your own experiences and ambitions to achieve your goals, and uses your own inner resources to change problem behaviour. It helps you to be in control of your responses to people and situations.

When you come for your first hypnotherapy session, you'll complete an introductory questionnaire and then we'll talk about:

  • your issue or problem
  • what you want to achieve
  • you and your life, past and present
  • the hypnotherapy process and how it works

Then, when you are ready, we'll progress to working in trance.

A trance is a completely safe state where you can focus your mind, explore making the changes you want to make, and putting those changes in to action.

Although being in a trance involves sitting with your eyes closed and being very relaxed, it is not like being asleep. You'll be aware of what is said to, and going on around, you.

Find out how hypnotherapy could help you:


  • Complimentary & Natural Healthcare CouncilRegistered hypnotherapist with the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council
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